PLEASE NOTE: Service Dates January 1st, 2014–Current. This notice is for patients who had services that were rendered in the DALLAS OFFICE location ONLY. Please read the below instructions carefully before making your Office Selection when submitting a payment.

1. If your Primary Care Physician is Dr. Raymond Johnson, AND your Insurance Carrier is United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Cigna please Select Option #5 ONLY.

2. All other patient services rendered in the Dallas Location for any other Physician will select Option #1. You will also select Option #1 if you are a patient of Dr. Raymond Johnson and have ANY OTHER Insurance Carrier OTHER THAN United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Cigna.

3. The Billing Office at Pediatrics After Hours is located at the Plano Location, therefore all Statements reflect the Plano Address for mailed payments. However, When making a Website Payment, select the location you visited, with the exception of comment #1.

REFUND POLICY: If you feel that you have paid your bill in error or you have overpaid your bill, please contact us at (214) 919-2105. We will be happy to review your account and if a refund is due, we will issue a check to you within 7 business days of your notification.

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